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'It's still not known why this happens, though the problem is more common with age, as the jelly liquefies over time.' While the vast majority of us have just one or two floaters at any one time, others can have hundreds permanently drifting past.

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If the rip is at the top, with gravity, the retina can be pulled off in less than 24 hours; with a rip at the bottom, that process can take weeks.I want to do this show to find a ride or die chick, a chick that makes me want to get out of the game." - Ray J Ray J, acclaimed singer, songwriter, actor, and celebrated "bad boy" of Hollywood has lived the life most people only dream about - late nights and lots and lots of girls.Being in the business for long as Ray J has forced him question whether true love is possible.'The main symptom of detachment is a large blank area in your vision that won't go away, which may be associated with flashing lights or a general fuzziness. Here are excerpts from the conversation: On diminished feelings for Ray J: I didn’t really have the same feelings for him [on the finale] because he was sleeping with Cocktail. On being portrayed as unstable: [Viewers] don’t see what I’m going through on the show. So if you see an end result and not the cause, of course it’s going to be weird.

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