Validating john

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It unlocks all the most important components of the business model canvas.It will not only tell you if you’re going in the right direction, it will give you a map if you’re not.“Interviewing Customers is a Special Kind of Torture” That’s what Justin Wilcox from Customer Dev Labs said in his video “How I Interview Customers.” In that awesome and useful guide, Justin outlined questions you should and shouldn’t ask.Interviewing customers is the key to customer development.Here’s how the conversation went: This conversation was so cringeworthy.

Any HTML or CSS problems could be especially harmful for viewers using browsers on mobile devices, so this is another great reason to validate your web documents.

Today there’s a wide variety of browsers that may be used to view your site.

To cater to this variety, a developer should build sites that work well in all the major browsers.

So what can be done to make sure that your pages render properly in different browsers and different versions of the same browser?

The best way to ensure that web pages render properly in web browsers is to write good HTML in the first place.

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