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Jacob, a single socialist who founded the service on a whim with a few friends, has seen the idea grow from a flippant hashtag to a viral groundswell...However, when it comes to providing material support for the movement, the People's Cube has always been and will always be in the vanguard.However, the party’s anti-corruption service has previously criticized the branch for its alleged exclusivity, claiming they consider themselves “political aristocrats.” The criticism led to considerable reform of the branch, ranging from the restructuring of its personnel to greater focus on the ideological education of its members.A government official said the service is designed to help keep up with young people’s changing lifestyles.

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A branch of the Communist Youth League in eastern China has established a unit to help young people find romance, state media reported.

I call your attention to several posts titled "The People's Dating Service" which I did for the Cube back in 2010 (May edition, July edition, November edition).

Naturally, as loyal Party members we eschew property rights, intellectual or otherwise and wish Comrade Jacob nothing but success in his endeavor, provided he doesn't succumb to the bourgeois urge to profit from it.

It has attracted thousands of so-called leftists who use the site to upload a photo, write a typically jokey post and invite others to get in touch via Facebook.

A classic comment reads: “I guess I will give it a shot.

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