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In news as unsurprising as it was surprising, UFC bantamweight champ T. Dillashaw formally decided to leave Team Alpha Male for a new team in Colorado.

He's still training with Duane Ludwig as well, although the team he's joining is distinct from Ludwig's services.

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It's also one that couldn't escape the reach and influence of Jon Jones.

Still, that doesn't mean he's now facing questions of loyalty.

We'll break down his decision and what it means for the parties involved.

Men benefited from using small talk by receiving more favorable final offers when they engaged in small talk than when they did not."Collaborating on the study were Alexandra A. Shaughnessy of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, and Tanja Hentschel and Claudia Peus of Technische Universität München.

The findings may come as a bit of a surprise to some students of business behavior, because earlier research has found small talk to be a plus for negotiators in general -- a means of conveying an impression of benevolence, trustworthiness, and cooperativeness and of minimizing the likelihood of an impasse.

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