Dating site bans overweight people

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"The Internet is an evolving medium and presents a number of challenges, and we're learning and hopefully improving our place in it." Founded in 2005, Reddit has grown to become one of the most visited sites on the Web.It's been called "the front page of the Internet," tallying more than 172 million visitors last month.The pop-up dining experience is due to open in Tokyo on July 29 under the name Amrita, which stems from the Sanskrit word for immortality.

"Our ultimate goal is to encourage authentic conversations and idea-sharing on an open platform with many voices participating," Pao said.The remaining four forums included subreddits criticized for homophobia and racism, among other things.Traditionally known for its free-for-all style, Reddit said Wednesday that it protects the right of people to express their views but that these forums had gone too far.It's illustrative of just how Reddit has traditionally been that many in the community were outraged when the site banned the subreddit r/Jailbait in 2011, a community for sharing pictures of girls who look (or are) under the age of consent.Similarly, when the intimate photos of dozens of female celebrities were leaked last year, a subreddit dedicated to sharing links to the images stayed live for an entire week and accrued a quarter of a billion page views before being shuttered.

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