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Cutesy language aside — “use protection” — the whole thing doesn’t sound like a half-bad idea, though it’s unfortunate we need it in the first place.

The app’s name derives from a Japanese-to-English translation for “room key” and works by only allowing involved parties to view a video after filming, if both people have consented.

Here are five of its features, which, are also five reasons you need to download it now.

Recovery from porn addiction isn’t something that happens to you, rather, it’s a series of daily — sometimes hourly — choices we make by our actions.

After a couple of months, you’ll be able to check and see how much progress you’ve made from the previous months.

In an ocean of adult apps done poorly, these rise to the top.

If you're reading this, chances are you have an awesome pocket computer running Android at your disposal.

Sorting through apps is a tough job, and we always love hearing input about the great stuff we need to check out.

You know plenty of people are interested in Virtual Reality adult entertainment.

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