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I cannot make any payment for any items, but I will credit your work. Burtonwood airfield was opened on 1 April 1940 as a servicing and storage centre for the modification of British aircraft. Altogether, there were three control towers on the base over the years.Burtonwood Road, which takes you over the modern junction 8 on the M62 motorway, is the modern name - it was originally called Cow Lane.The line links London and Glasgow on a 401-mile route which runs via the West Midlands, the North West and southern Scotland.It is the mainline service passing through Warrington Bank Quay.

The West Coast Main Line (WCML) is one of the most important intercity railway lines in the United Kingdom.One is obviously the RFT disc, the second is the PSV licence. Peter Cook 21/07/17 Trolley Bus Coasting Brake Could one or some of you knowledgeable members of the site please explain the operation of the trolley coasting brake as used on Huddersfield and Bournemouth vehicles.Roger Broughton In addition to Bournemouth and Huddersfield, trolleybus coasting brakes were also specified by the Ministry of Transport for the LPTB and Brighton for certain routes.Most of the bomb damage was aimed at the larger cities of Liverpool and Manchester.Also, Burtonwood was laid out in such a way that if one section was bombed, work could continue in another area.

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